3 Best At-Home Testosterone Tests For Females

Testosterone may be synonymous with males, but it’s not only men who depend on it. Females too produce this hormone naturally and require it for overall health. In fact, a testosterone imbalance or low testosterone in women can cause a myriad of issues from low energy, anxiety, and low libido to weight gain (particularly in the mid-section) and fertility issues. Thanks to at-home tests, it’s easier than ever to test your testosterone levels. To help you get the answer you’re looking for more quickly, we found the three best at-home testosterone tests for females.

⚠️ Please note that if you’re taking hormonal contraceptives, taking a testosterone test may be a waste of money due to the synthetic hormones in birth control that alter your body’s natural hormones.

Granted, there’s no harm in taking a testosterone test, and if you’re having symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, it may be worth considering whether or not your birth control is playing a role in that and whether its benefits outweigh its side effects.

Not sure if testosterone might be the cause of your health concerns? Learn more about the signs and symptoms of low testosterone in women.

Overall Best Testosterone Testing Kits For Women

BrandBest For…Collection MethodPrice
Everlywell Best overall at-home testosterone test for females for affordability Saliva $49
ZRT LabsMost comprehensive hormonal testing panel for those with serious health concerns related to hormone and adrenal function (i.e., breast cancer) Saliva$200
MyLABbox Best for women interested in testosterone levels due to fertility concerns Blood; saliva $149

Let’s take an in-depth look at the best at-home testosterone tests:

1. Everlywell: Most Affordable At-Home Testosterone Test For Females

everlywell logo Price: $49
Pros: Cons:
– Quick results in just 3 days
– Helpful insights about your results
– Very easy saliva test
– Sold over the counter at some pharmacies (e.g. Walgreens)
– Physician reviewed
– It only tests for free testosterone (naturally occurring)
– It costs $10 more at Walgreens
– Not available in NY, NJ, or RI

Everlywell offers the best testosterone test for females who want to quickly and affordably get insights into what’s going on with their testosterone levels and hormones. At just $49 it’s the most affordable test kit on our list (and on the market), and it offers one of the fastest turnaround times in just three days. What’s more, because you can buy it in pharmacies nationwide, such as Walgreens, or on Amazon, you can get the test without having to wait for ages to receive it in the mail. That said, it’s the best starting point for those who suspect their testosterone levels are off.

Here’s what it tests for:

  • Free Testosterone (naturally-occuring testosterone)

Example of Everlywell Testosterone Test Kit Results

Everlywell Testosterone Test For Females Results Sample

What’s nice about Everlywell and its testosterone test kit, is that it makes understanding your test results very easy. You can view your results within three days via your phone or computer and all of the information is broken out in an easy-to-understand way that doesn’t require a medical degree or a great deal of mind-numbing research.

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2. ZRT Laboratory: Best Tesosterone Test For Females With Hormonal and Adrenal Concerns

ZRT Labs logo Price: $200
Pros: Cons:
– Comprehensive hormone testing, including analysis of adrenal function
– Can provide insights into the likelihood of breast cancer
– Analysis of all hormone levels, pricing a holistic look into whether you might have a hormonal imbalance
– Tests for AM (morning) and PM (night) cortisols
– Most detailed test results
– The most expensive testosterone test on our list
– Typically administered by naturopathic doctors
– Turnaround time is unknown

ZRT Laboratory offers one the best testosterone tests for females who are looking to understand their testosterone levels in relation to their hormones and adrenal function. Because the ZRT Labs Female/Male Saliva Profile II test kit analyzes Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), Testosterone (T), DHEA-S, morning Cortisol (C1), and PM Cortisol, it provides an in-depth look at the body’s hormonal and adrenal functions, which can give a lot of health insights (e.g., the likelihood of breast cancer).

Here’s what it tests for:

  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • Estradiol
  • DHEA-S
  • Cortisol (AM and PM)

Example of ZRT Labs Female/Male Saliva Profile II Test Kit Results

View the full test kit report here.

Since the Female/Male Saliva Profile II is a comprehensive at-home test, the test results are also comprehensive. This can make results more challenging to understand and interpret, which is part of why this test is typically administered by a doctor, such as a naturopath. While you can conduct the test without a doctor, it can be a good way to test at home, and then based on your results, share those with your doctor.

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3. MyLABbox: Best Testosterone Test For Females With Fertility Concerns

MyLabBox logo Price: $149
(or $104 with 30% off code)
Pros: Cons:
– Tests for fertility function (Estradiol, FSH, LH, and Testosterone)
Lab results ready in 2 to 5 days
– Accepts payments via FSA / HSA cards
– Free physician consultations
– Testosterone-only test available for $69 (or $48 w/code)
– Buy online or in-store at Walmart
– Requires both saliva and blood
– It’s not the cheapest test on our list (for the most affordable option, choose Everlywell)
– It doesn’t test for adrenal function or cortisol like the ZRT Labs test
– It’s not transparent in terms of what test results look like

MyLABbox is the best testosterone test for women who are interested in testing hormone levels for fertility insights. Its Female Fertility test costs $149 and tests a combination of hormones, including testosterone to evaluate hormone levels that impact one’s ability to conceive. Test results arrive within two to five days, so its turnaround time isn’t as quick as the Everlywell Testosterone test, but it does test for a lot more than just free testosterone, and though it’s also more expensive, you can pay for it via FSA or HSA cards/accounts, and the test includes a free consultation with a physician should you have additional questions based on your results.

Here’s what it tests for:

  • Testosterone
  • Estradiol
  • Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

Example of MyLabBox Testosterone Test Results

MyLABbox doesn’t provide test result examples, which is a major shortcoming of the company. While it does indeed provide detailed results to those who take the test, it would be much nicer if it would give test result samples so that you could get an idea of what to expect before purchasing the kit. If you want a fertility test that does provide result examples, choose Everlywell, which has a comparable fertility test for $149 using a blood sample (finger prick).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is free testosterone in women?

Free testosterone (a.k.a. free T), is a naturally-occurring testosterone in females and males that is not bound to proteins. Free T makes up around just 2% of testosterone in the body, but it does play an important role because the body actively uses free T as they are free to enter the body’s cells—unimpeded by SHBG or albumin—to carry out their function as signaling molecules that regulate metabolism and other cellular functions, according to Everlywell. And according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, free T is important because both men and women can have health problems because of low or high levels of testosterone. For example, women with high levels of testosterone may have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

What’s the best time of to take a testosterone test?

Good basic assessment of sex steroid and adrenal hormones collected in the morning when levels should be at their peak. However, you should read the directions on your testosterone test as it may have additional requirements around timing, depending on the test and what it tests for. For example, some testosterone tests will also test for cortisol, which can mean taking an additional sample in the evening in addition to the morning. Whereas, fertility tests typically require multiple tests, based on where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Should I take a fertility test or a testosterone test?

Answer – depends on how much information you’re looking for. Fertility tests include testosterone testing, as well as estrogen levels and luteinizing hormones. So if you’re having symptoms of low testosterone in women and you want to get the answer, go for the testosterone test–it’s not only cheaper, but it’s also easier as it’s typically just a simple saliva sample. However, if you’re looking to get the complete optic on your reproductive health, or are interested in your testosterone levels in relation to an interest in conception, then the fertility panel will be worth the money for the answers it provides.

Does low testosterone cause acne?

Typically, high testosterone levels are associated with acne. This is because an overproduction of testosterone can lead to excessive sebum production, which can inflame the sebaceous glands and trigger acne. However, there is some evidence that the use of synthetic hormones, such as Progestin (the synthetic version of Progesterone), which is commonly used active ingredient in hormonal contraceptives, such as the combo birth control pill and hormonal IUD (e.g., Mirena) may cause some to produce extra testosterone, leading to acne. To learn more about the potential reason for your adult acne, check out the complete list of all-too-common causes of adult acne that many aren’t aware of.

Bottom Line: Best Testosterone Tests For Females

Testosterone plays a vital role in the overall health and wellness of women. Between our diets and environments to the use of hormonal contraceptives, a variety of variables can impact the natural production of hormones, including testosterone, causing a number of symptoms. If you suspect your testosterone levels might be out of whack, taking an at-home testosterone kit is a good step to easily and affordably begin decoding your body and reveal what might be the cause of your symptoms. Those on a budget will find the Everlywell Testosterone test to be the best option, but for a bigger picture into your hormonal health, it’s worth it to use a more holistic and comprehensive test such as the myLABbox testosterone test for women.

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